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The way people interact with brands is changing. Businesses that thrive today do so with the supportive voice and loyalty of their customer. The experience you offer is pivotal to bringing this about as an brand strength and result.

Brands that deliver a superb experience create a new place in their customer’s minds and generate the degree of positive interaction and commentary needed to grow in business today.

Because customers talk. And by land moments they love this works in your favour – sparking the degree of positive interaction and commentary needed to grow in business today.

And this experience is designable. By knowing your customer ‘in their world’, and the value you offer, we can create a way of interacting that turns customers into fans and makes you engaging, even rave-worthy as a result.

At Momint this is our purpose – to improve your reach and business certainty through the way you engage customers and what they do when you get this right. This is what good brands do now.

Clear and engaging


We use smart, human-centred design
for you to create closer ties with customers today.

1. Define

We research and identify what makes you rave-worthy from the get-go.

2. Build

With this we build the touchpoints and customer scenarios you want.

3. Deliver

When implementing we stay close to listen for and enhance the right result.

From their first web or app visit, to your approach and tools at the front line, to the culture that makes it work, we build businesses backwards from a superb ‘only you’ customer experience and result.

Momint offers a customer-led brand and business development voice, focusing the dialogue on value where it matters – in the world of your customer. Big ideas here speak volumes about who you are.

How we work with you to focus, build and deliver moments customers love creates the interaction you want with customers. Everything customers notice about you is in, essentially what happens when they decide to engage with your brand.

In Practice

Case Study

Perfect Plumbers

This is what we did for Perfect Plumbers, what can we do for you ?

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Making it real


We bring customer happiness and business design together. How we build superb moments into your brand DNA and everyday customer practise sets us apart.

Momint is a forum of like-minded professionals keen on better brands and a better world, made possible through superb moments with customers. This is our mission. Hi, my name is Jaime, Design Lead and Founder at Momint.

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More About Jaime

Design Lead & Founder

We can add to what you do in a number of ways. From providing a vital skill set on the startup or project team, to an insightful review of your experience now, to the development of customer-centered culture and new experience-based opportunities over time, we are here to help in the way that works best for you.

As a community we value businesses and brands wanting to:

  • Honour marketing promises, deliver superb moments and build trust.
  • Be more confident and creative in their interaction with customers.
  • Discover industry-leading ideas, straight from their customers’ world.
  • Make smart customer engagement a deep part of what they do.

So whether you are a new brand just starting out, or more established and thinking customer retention and relationship management, chances are leading with a superb customer experience is key to your path ahead. And at Momint this is what we do, so you can enjoy the game-changing benefits of being rave-worthy with customers today.

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